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Mijn naam is Eva Dassen en ik ben actief als politiek activist, gespreksbegeleider en workshopfacilitator
Ik voel me geroepen om mensen samen te brengen, gemeenschappen te vormen en betekenisvolle gesprekken te voeren. Op deze pagina kan je meer vinden over mijn opleidingsachtergrond. Een groot deel van mijn opleiding is 'zelfgestuurd'. Daar schrijf ik over op andere andere mijn blog. Een sfeerimpressie van mij werk is te vinden op de pagina 'werk'.  

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Feb 2023 - March 2023    Wheel of Consent 3 - day training with Marielle Spronck: The Wheel of Consent is                                                          developed by Betty Martin and describes the 'Art of Giving and Receiving' and how to                                                    create consent spaces. I apply this in my workshops as consent is essential in order to                                                create a 'safer container' for both personal and collective processes.


Aug 2022 - Now                 Volunteerwork as Gardener at 'Thuinderij de Volle Grond' in Amelisweerd. 

Jan 2022 - June 2022       Halfyear training Polyvagal theory (6 sessions of 3 hours) & 2 online trainings (each 4                                                   sessions) - with Marielle Spronck: the Polyvagal Theory is developed by Stephen Porges                                               and describes the different nervous system states and how they impact us (in short:                                                     fawn, fight, flight, freeze). Deb Dana developed a more therapeutic approach that can be                                               applied in order to respond to and regulate our nervous system states (which has                                                         impact on the way we feel, think, act and are). These trainings used insights from both                                                 Stepehen Porges and Deb Dana. 

Sep 2021 - Now                 Host & Office Manager Young Innovators Program at the University of Utrecht

                                             Young Innovators is an Honors Program for national and international Master's                                                             students of the Utrecht University. It aims to co-create a learning community that                                                           invites students to: reflect on one's socialization, worldview and power relations,                                                           connection to non-human nature, embody one's values, co-create interventions and                                                       (un)learn together. As a host I facilitate the processes that invites these learnings and                                                   as 'Office Manger' I maintain an overview of the organizational side.

March 2021 - May 2021    Stroomversnellers training & Coaching sessions: train- the trainer experience based                                                     learning.

Jan 2021 - March 2021    Decolonization training Aralez (6 sessions of 2 hours)

Aug 2020- March 2021     Project Coördinator ‘Democratic Innovation & Climate Justice’ for Extinction                                                                    Rebellion NL: encouraging Citizens' Assemblies and other innovative democratic means                                              to break the political deadlock around climate policy.


Sep 2020 - Feb 2021        National Coördinator Extinction Rebellion NL: supporting the overall coordination of the                                                circles of the movement (which works with sociocracy)

January- Feb 2021           Sociocracy training (5 sessions of 2,5 hours)


Nov - Dec 2020                 Conversation & Facilitation Training (5 sessions of 2 hours)

March - Aug 2020            Internship Extinction Rebellion: interdisciplinary internship around ‘Future of Democracy’,                                             core-activities: organizing Self-Organizing-Systems and Deep Democracy training,                                                         providing resources, holding People Assemblies and Street Assemblies, and organizing &                                             facilitating the Internal Citizens’ Assembly of XRNL.

May 2019 - July 2020      Deep Democracy Training (6 sessions of 2 hours)

October 2019                    Public Speaking, Negotiating and Lobbying course - United Nations Model at Parnasso,                                                 Utrecht. (4 sessions of 2 hours)

September 2019              Starting bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences at University Utrecht

May- August 2019            Classroom Alive (self-directed learning in community)
                                           3,5 months Bike-study journey from Erfurt, Germany to Agvá, Turkey.


Feb - May 2019                Second-Core team member of organization of the Connect Conference. Coördinating                                                     volunteers for food and cleaning. And hosting  a ‘conversation group’ with students to                                                   integrate our learnings together.

Jan - May  2019               Basis-Project Dance, improvisation and performance in Freiburg (3 months)

2017 & 2018                     Art of Hosting training (2 times a full week): the art of hosting meaningful conversations 

2017 & 2018                     Open Masters training (2 times a full week): ‘people powered education’, self-directed                                                   studies & community supported

2017-2018                       The Youth Initiative Program 

  • Courses around global and personal challenges in Sweden

  • Courses and initiatives around community in Piracanga, Brazil

  • Internship in SEKEM, Egypt: Hosting, teaching, interviewing and organizing different initiatives around theatre.

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